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10 Vacation Rental Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

What’s the best way to stay on top of vacation rental industry trends and get free expert advice? Vacation rental podcasts! Here are the top 10 podcasts you should immediately add to your playlist.


5 Vacation Rental TV Shows to Watch Right Now [on Netflix and more]

Vacation rentals have become such a huge phenomenon, even global streaming services like Netflix are starting to take notice. Here are 5 binge-worthy vacation rental TV shows that are about to take over your lazy Sundays.


VRMA International 2018: The Vendors in Pictures

This post is a tribute to the people who worked very hard for 2 days at the VRMA International 2018 – the n#1 Vacation Rental Conference held in Las Vegas this year. We feel that the vendors at the conference hardly get the limelight they deserve… so let us say “Well done for your energy and passion!”. And if you haven’t yet checked out what they offer, this post may also come as a friendly nudge to do so! Lastly: congrats also to our team for photo-bombing all the pics! haha! #loveyourteam


Summer Reading List by Vacation Rental Experts

Looking for a holiday book suggestion? We’ve asked leading vacation rental industry experts what’s on top of their summer reading list and got amazing recommendations to share! A huge thanks to the experts: Andrew McConnell, Heather Bayer, Vanessa de Souza Lage, Antonio Botolotti, Jessica Gillingham and Tyann Marcink.


Vacation Rental Industry: Under-35 Movers & Shakers (2017 List)

We asked the Vacation Rental Industry to nominate the under-35 business leaders that have made innovative accomplishments in recent years. Meet the Under-35 Movers & Shakers in the Vacation Rental Industry – and congrats to everyone that made it on the list! To apply for next year look at the bottom of the article.


6 Celebrities Vacation Homes

Imagine renting a vacation rental and having Lenny Kravitz doing a check-in or Ivanka Trump replacing the broken lightbulbs? Don’t

Startup Stock Photos

Meet the Barcelona Team

Meet the Rentals United Barcelona team! We took pictures and asked a few fun questions! We hope you’ll giggle at this post as much as us! Welcome “behind the scenes”!


Take a Break: Play a vacation rental game!

At Rentals United we know very well how stressful the jobs of property managers and owners are – our whole proposition is to relieve your stress by distributing you automatically to many listings sites. Whether you’re a client or not, we all deserve a little break from time to time… Make that fun break also productive with our online vacation rental game the Booking Catcher (which could get you 30 days free of Rentals United!) or play the Vacation Rental Crossword puzzle to test your knowledge of the Vacation Rental Industry! Take five, and good luck!!


Merry Christmas from Rentals United! [Embarrassing Video]

We wish all our customers a very merry festive season!! Watch the video the Barcelona team has prepared for you… we will make your day!!!

vacation rental guest manifesto

Getting your guests to behave! [free poster download]

The success we had with the “Vacation Rental Owner Manifesto” prompted us to do something similar for guests. So we created a manifesto aimed at reminding guests to remind them to take care of our properties, our cherished homes and at times… problematic neighbours :). The “Vacation Rental Guest Manifesto” was then printed on fridge magnets, and we gave thousands away to owners and property managers at the VRMA conference in New Orleans. The feedback was unexpected: We had people running after us asking for more “I have 50 properties, can you give me.. huh… 49 more?!” “These are incredible! Do you sell them?” No, in fact we don’t sell them, they were meant as a gift. So today, we’d like to give everyone the opportunity to print the manifesto for their rentals in a big poster size (A1). Just download it from the article post and give us a thumbs up by sharing!