Announcing the Winner of the VRTECH Startup Competition 2021

Hot off the press: The winner of the 5th Annual VRTECH Startup Competition has been announced! Which of the three finalists – Vintory, Rented and Turbosuite – took home the 2021 VRTECH Award? Read on to find out.

vrtech startup competition finalists

VRTECH Startup Competition 2021: Meet the Finalists

The voting is closed, and it’s time to announce the finalists of the VRTECH Startup Competition 2021. These three startups will have the chance to pitch their products in front of a distinguished audience at the Vacation Rental World Summit and compete for the VRTECH Award. Find out who they are!


New OTA Amenities? How to Add Them to Your Listings Now

OTAs keep expanding their list of amenities in response to changing guest needs. Just think of all the cleaning and hygiene items that appeared over the last year! All the new amenities can be hard to keep track of. And it’s frustrating when you can’t add them to your listings because your software doesn’t support them. That’s why, at Rentals United, we’ve created a feature that allows you to add new amenities introduced by OTAs as soon as they become available. Find out more in this article.

VRTECH competition 2021

VRTECH Startup Competition 2021: Vote for Your Favourite Startup

Each year, the VRTECH Startup Competition shines the spotlight on the most innovative tech startups in the vacation rental industry. It’s a great chance for them to showcase their products and services – and for you to support your favourite startup with a vote! Here are the 20 startups competing for the VRTECH Award this year.

vacation rental guest screening

Vacation Rental Guest Screening: How to Handle ID Verification in 2021

Protecting rental properties from damage should be top of mind for all property managers. Knowing who your guests are and how they intend to use your rental is especially important now that the winter party season is getting closer. Let’s look at the best ways to handle guest screening and ID verification now and in the new year.

vrtech – vacation rental tech community

VRTECH: The Vacation Rental Tech Community Gets a New Identity

The world’s largest vacation rental tech community is back! VrTech has had a facelift – and we are proud to present our new look and our new motivations to continue the work we started 5 years ago. Here’s what to expect from VrTech in the future and how to become a member.

how blockchain is transforming the vacation rental industry

Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and Vacation Rentals: The Path to Decentralisation

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have the potential to transform the vacation rental industry. New generation listing sites already use these technologies to give property managers control over their digital assets, increase the security of payments, improve loyalty programmes and more. Here is how blockchain will lead the way towards the decentralisation of the vacation rental market.

Best vacation rental PMS – property management system

How to Find the Best Vacation Rental PMS for Business Growth

What sets a great property management system apart? In this blog post, we dive into choosing the best vacation rental PMS to scale your business. And, we present the latest version of our ebook, the Who’s Who of Property Management Systems, which we update every year with fresh info from the industry’s leading software providers.

vrtech startup competition 2020

VrTech Startup Competition 2020: Vote for Your Favourite Startup

The VrTech Startup Competition showcases the best and brightest vacation rental startups, giving them the limelight they deserve. Here are the top 19 startups vying for your votes this year!