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Top 55 Vacation Rental Software

Technology is the key to growth in the vacation rental industry. The software solutions that you choose to include in your tech stack could make or break your property management business. Here are the top 55 vacation rental software providers that you should consider when future-proofing your company.

investment deals and mergers and acquisitions in the vacation rental industry 2021

M&A and Investment Deals in the Vacation Rental Industry 2021

So far, 2021 has been a busy year for investors and growing companies in the vacation rental industry. The first four months of the year have seen significant investment deals as well as mergers and acquisitions that will undoubtedly have an impact on the industry’s future. Here’s our list of 20+ selected deals that signal the way forward following the COVID-19 pandemic.

vacation rental events 2021

15 Vacation Rental Events to Attend in 2021 – Online & in Person

Are you looking to network and learn from experts in the short-term rentals industry? 2021 has plenty of virtual and in-person events in store for you. Here’s our selection of the best vacation rental events that will help you keep up with rapid changes in the industry.


Vacation Rental Revenue Management: How to Optimise Your Strategy in 2021

Having a solid revenue management strategy has never been as important as it is now. However, property managers are still using old tactics that may have been effective before the pandemic but have since become irrelevant. If you want to achieve your revenue goals this year, you need a completely new approach. Here’s how you can transform your revenue management strategy once and for all, with tips from Doug Truitt, Head of Revenue Success at Rentals United.

Top 50 property managers stats

Patterns of Success: What Do the World’s Top 50 Property Managers Have in Common?

What fuels the growth of the world’s 50 largest property management companies? Here are some fascinating facts showing the patterns of success they follow.

Top 10 vacation rental websites focusing on inclusivity

Top 10 Inclusive Vacation Rental Websites to Get Listed On

All travellers should have the opportunity to book safe and welcoming stays at short-term rentals. Diversity and inclusion are top of mind for these 10 niche vacation rental websites. They’ve made it their mission to provide stress-free experiences to different groups of travellers. Learn how to get listed on them and start supporting inclusivity in the short-term rental world!

links to the vacation rental community

Links to the Vacation Rental Community: Newsletters, Forums, YouTube Channels & More

You don’t need to go to events to establish ties with the vacation rental community. Check out these newsletters, Facebook groups, forums and YouTube channels where you can connect with fellow vacation rental professionals online.

short-term rental crowdfunding campaigns to invest in

3 Short-Term Rental Crowdfunding Campaigns to Invest In Now

Have you ever considered investing in a vacation rental company? Crowdfunding campaigns are a great place to start. You can help innovative companies kickstart their journeys – and you get to reap the rewards. Here are 3 short-term rental crowdfunding campaigns to invest in today.

8 Best Vacation Rental Events Autumn 2020 Online and Offline

8 of the Best Vacation Rental Events to Attend in Autumn 2020 (Online and Offline)

2020 may not be the year of in-person events, but you’ll still have opportunities for invaluable networking. Here’s a list of 8 vacation rental events going ahead this autumn, in a blended or online format, with special discounts!

keyless pblog

The Definitive List of Smart Locks & Keyless Entry Providers

When it comes to vacation rentals, keys are nothing but trouble. They get lost, they need to be handed over in person, and they’re not that sanitary or safe, either. Here’s the ultimate list of smart lock providers trusted by vacation rental owners that you can choose from!