The VRMA 2015 conference is the number 1 event for Vacation Rental Professionals around the world. It took place in


With the low season looming (at least in most of Europe) it is a good time to start hunting for new product for your vacation rental portfolio. While this post is mainly aimed at professionals that manage the properties of private owners, it also has tips that private owners may capitalise on, like best practices on google plus and an innovative start-up that help you find property managers (they’ve even given us a special discount code so you can try them right-away!). So read on for some easy and cheap ways to increase your vacation rental portfolio.


Our three interviewees are confident we have something solid over the hotel industry… Richard Vaughton puts it this way “We may have disturbed sleeping giants”… Nevertheless, how can we sustain our rapid growth? What are the things we need to look out for? Read on to see how our 3 Vacation Rental Pros compare us to the hotel industry – With Richard Vaughton (Discovery Holiday Homes), Shaun Stewart (AirBnB) and Mike Donelly (ApartmentsApart).

welcome pack ideas

You think of yourself as a pro, we think of you as a pro, but do your customers think of you as a pro? A great welcome pack contributes giving YOU the recognition you deserve and not just because of the quality of your rentals. Of course, you already have a welcome pack, and it’s pretty good: it has house rules, a copy of all the appliances’ instructions, the wifi password, emergency numbers, a metro map, flyers on popular attractions… Yes, but no, that won’t get you remembered for good customer service. So here are some juicy welcome pack ideas for those vacation rental pros that like returning customers and great reviews.


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