This is the story of how a vacation rental owner grew the biggest instagram following on his island. When Thibault Masson started his vacation rental business in St Barts 1 year ago, he knew a thing or two about Twitter and Facebook. But when he got into Instagram, bookings started really coming in and in 1 year he grew his portfolio from 2 villas to 4 villas. Here are his tips on making Instragam work for you in your region.


The vacation rental industry is maturing… are you maturing with it? After a year of living and breathing vacation rentals, here are our findings about the state of the industry today. We include immediate action points for you to stay up on the main trends.


We wish all our customers a very merry festive season!! Watch the video the Barcelona team has prepared for you… we will make your day!!!

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  • November 19, 2015
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Last night in our offices, Agustin, our Head of Sales, made a speech in front of an audience of Vacation Rental Professionals. He asked whether one should advertise on all the websites that sell vacation rentals? The answer was YES… IF, of course, you’re not adding on manual work. At Rentals United, we make this possible: in a few clicks you can have your Rentals advertised on 30+ channels and make more vacation rentals bookings. Today we’re proud to announce the latest 4 additions to our portfolio of sales channels. Some mainstream, some niche, all 2 way (i.e. if they make a booking it blocks every other channel’s calendar) and all with an EASY setup, literally 5 minutes. Here’s to them, to you, to us! Let’s get connected!!

vacation rental guest manifesto

The success we had with the “Vacation Rental Owner Manifesto” prompted us to do something similar for guests. So we created a manifesto aimed at reminding guests to remind them to take care of our properties, our cherished homes and at times… problematic neighbours :). The “Vacation Rental Guest Manifesto” was then printed on fridge magnets, and we gave thousands away to owners and property managers at the VRMA conference in New Orleans. The feedback was unexpected: We had people running after us asking for more “I have 50 properties, can you give me.. huh… 49 more?!” “These are incredible! Do you sell them?” No, in fact we don’t sell them, they were meant as a gift. So today, we’d like to give everyone the opportunity to print the manifesto for their rentals in a big poster size (A1). Just download it from the article post and give us a thumbs up by sharing!


The VRMA 2015 conference is the number 1 event for Vacation Rental Professionals around the world. It took place in


As part Rentals United commitment to represent quality holiday properties around the world, we created a manifesto for vacation rental owners – a reminder of the standards we ought to adhere to when receiving guests in our holiday homes. Please share if you think that every Vacation Rental Owner should follow the principles in this Manifesto.


With the low season looming (at least in most of Europe) it is a good time to start hunting for new product for your vacation rental portfolio. While this post is mainly aimed at professionals that manage the properties of private owners, it also has tips that private owners may capitalise on, like best practices on google plus and an innovative start-up that help you find property managers (they’ve even given us a special discount code so you can try them right-away!). So read on for some easy and cheap ways to increase your vacation rental portfolio.


Our three interviewees are confident we have something solid over the hotel industry… Richard Vaughton puts it this way “We may have disturbed sleeping giants”… Nevertheless, how can we sustain our rapid growth? What are the things we need to look out for? Read on to see how our 3 Vacation Rental Pros compare us to the hotel industry – With Richard Vaughton (Discovery Holiday Homes), Shaun Stewart (AirBnB) and Mike Donelly (ApartmentsApart).


We’d like to think that we’ve compiled a list of mistakes that only new vacation rental owners make… Yet the reality is that some of these mistakes are done by experienced ones too. Everyday we hear of people not reaching 75% occupancy rate because of their poor distribution network; too many times do we get asked what a PMS is and why they’re useful; and oh so often do we read bad reviews because of poor check-ins. So whether new or experienced, these are some of the mistakes you ought to avoid making… now!