Picture this: the alarm clocks rings at 9am, you don’t have to get out the house to the office because you don’t even need an office. You spend the next hour on the laptop still in your pyjamas, using the vacation rental management tools and services we recommend below. Then the day is yours: go do a quality-check of your properties or go to the cinema, it’s your business. At night you come back to check your earnings and the wonderful reviews people leave about your vacation homes. You smile, relaxed, all is well in a perfect world.

Sounds too good to be true? Read on.


We’ve written about dynamic pricing engines recently, and how they could potentially take the headache out of guessing rates. These online tools take over your pricing and adjust it for low and high demand. It’s still a small niche so we shouldn’t have left out Beyond Pricing… especially since they also cover some of Europe. The process with them is beautifully laid flat: link your AirBnb accounts (ja just AirBnB folks at the moment), they analyse your past rates and then adjust the ones in the future according to the competition and the demand.

Please note: The article sparked off a discussion on Linked In where property managers voiced their doubt on whether these work. It could be early days but we think this is a space to watch.


Hate to boast but with Rentals United you’re bound to cut 1 day off your work week. Let alone the increase in bookings you’ll get now that you can advertise on many more websites with a click of a button. Whether us or another think Channel Manager for Vacation Rentals that push your property information, calendar and prices to *why not!* 100s of websites.

Channel Manager for Vacation Rentals

Channel managers specialise in connecting to big and small distribution players in the vacation rental industry. It’s a lot of programming work and a real specialisation (i.e. not the job of a PMS but we’ll get back to that another day!). If you have tons of properties Channel managers take out the headache of you having to connect to channels, you just connect to Rentals United and your databased is then mirrored everywhere.

Now sit back, and watch the bookings coming in.


Various ideas here that will save money and time: the keyless doors like Lockitron and the others we wrote about in our very popular “internet of things for vacation rentals“. But we also LOVE the idea of the KeyCafe currently only operating in the States but soon setting foot in London. Get your local cafe to register with them and your customers picks the key up from there. The key is RFID and trackable so you know where your key is and can check it on the app. All of that for $8 a month + $2 a pop.


Once they’re at the door greet them with an internet connected bell like Skybell or Ring that allows you to see your customers from your phone and speak to them! (and all of this still in your PJs)


The New York cleaning and key delivery start-up Proprly is making a lot of noise and we really hope it won’t have the same fate as “Porter” because the idea of targeting a cleaning service especially for vacation rentals is rather genius. We’re all after that high level of hospitality but don’t always have the time to give it, so these guys promise to do it for us. They check that the linen are crisps (they even clean them) and that there’s shampoo is in the shower… so you don’t have to do it. Sure you can train a cleaner to do this but do you get total peace of mind? We heard that cleaning is the number one cause for complaints. No more!


Any more ideas to reduce your work week? we’re off to the beach 🙂 but please shoot, we’ll read them later!