The vacation rental industry is maturing… are you maturing with it? After a year of living and breathing vacation rentals, here are our findings about the state of the industry today. We include immediate action points for you to stay up on the main trends.

1. A great kitchen and a stunning view are the 2 top amenities when booking a VR

More stats like these in our Vacation Rental Industry Stats Infographic

Action Point: Revisit your kitchens, add a few appreciated appliances like a juicer and a nice coffee machine.

2. Properties with accurate availability rank higher in search results

This is more true than ever. We know from the websites we work with that properties coming from us or other channel managers rank higher because we guarantee accurate availability.

Action Point: start automating your marketing, try Rentals United.

3. AirBnB will make changes to accommodate Vacation Rental Managers

AirBnB has been listening in to the conversations and has already made changes.

Action point: read Matt Landau’s great article Airbnb’s 3-Step Plan To Enter The Vacation Rental Market

4. Expedia’s acquisition of HomeAway signals VR will soon become a mainstream way of travelling

Sure this has been the BIG news of 2015! and as Shaun Stewart from Airbnb puts it “VR is starting to become a world-class travel experience

Action point: Read what vacation rental experts say about that on Guestbook’s vacation rental round up

5. Using a channel manager increases bookings and saves you time

We learned that by asking our customers. Property managers & owners report saving 20hrs per month average using Rentals United. As we get their rentals in front of 6+ million travellers daily, after starting to use us our clients make 5-50 more bookings a month on average (depending on how big their portfolio is).

Action Point: start automating your marketing, try Rentals United.

6. More and more entrepreneurs build service companies for the VR industry

We’ve seen a tremendous amount of innovation in 2015 and compiled all the companies we found in a Who’s Who ebook.

Action Point: Download your free copy of the Vacation Rental Who’s Who

7. If you don’t have #IOT in your rental you’re missing out

Internet of Things is everywhere helping cunning vacation rental professionals to automate their properties.

Action Point: Checkout various articles IOT for safety, for IOT for saving on energy bills, and for keyless entries on’s blog

8. More and more business travelers are using VRs

It’s now essential you provide high-speed internet, a workspace and 24 hour check-in.

Action Point: read AirBnB’s guide on their new Biz travel program

9. You will soon be upgrading your welcome book to an Apple TV guide

HomeAway launched an upgrade from the digital guide you create via their platform: guests can now access it on the Apple TV in the rental.

Action Point: Don’t own an apple TV? here are some old school tips to improve your welcome book.

10. has attracted lots of vacation rental inventory

We’ve seen a surge of professional property managers AND individual owners coming to us in order to advertise on We can only expect this to increase as Rentals United became preferred Channel Partner in December 2015.

Action Point: Get the guide of how to advertise on

That was the 10 things about vacation rentals we learned. What did you learn this year? Let us know in the comments!

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